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Who Do You Want To Be?

8 STEPS to discovering your deepest desires and creating a joyful and successful life

"Who DO YOU WANT TO BE?" is a question we should ask ourselves every day to set the intention of the day, one day at a time.  Our days are miniature of our lives and how we live the day is how we live our entire lives.

For most of us, we just repeat the same thoughts, experiences, and behaviors every day but this is not living, this is playing a record over and over again, living in the past. Our lives are shaped by our thoughts and our thoughts dictate our behaviors and our behaviors determine the results we have in life.  So if we are not aware and in control of our thoughts, we are not creating our lives but instead we are staying in the known past and our comfort zone and just going through the motions.

The fact is that we humans have amazing powers within us. We have the power of imagination, decision-making, intelligence so that we can create the life we want deep down. No other creature on planet earth has these capabilities. 

The truth is that we are the co-creators of our lives and we have the ability to design, create and direct our lives to our deepest desires. When you awaken to this reality, you will never live your life the same way. You will realize that you can change your life at any time. You have many choices at all times but the key is to realize this power within you.
Yes, it all starts with accepting the gifts you have within you instead of ignoring them. You have always had access to these natural gifts within, but most of us don't know how to tap into them to create a life that feels fulfilling, light and vibrant, and joyful.

I wrote this book for myself, for my daughters Myla and Adella and for you! I wanted answers, new ways of living and I wanted a joyful life that the measures of success are defined by me and only me. Not what the society wants me to be or do or have. 
Along the way of searching, exploring, studying and looking for answers for myself, I found some good answers. If felt like a missing map is being built in front of me. I felt that all my life experiences, are showing me a path, a map I could follow to create the life I truly want.

That's why I wrote this book. To share the how-tos with my daughter, with you. I hope you enjoy this book!

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This book shows you, in 8 STEPS, how to create a life you truly love, no matter what your current circumstances; a life that matches your deepest desires and is full of love, success, joy and abundance. Formal education does not teach us how to properly prepare for life, how to harness the power of our mind and how to behave in ways that will help us create the life we want deep down. The goal of this book is to fill in those gaps between what we’ve been taught and what we need to know today to change our lives for the better. The author has done extensive research in the personal development space and has created a simple yet effective formula to help everyone realize their dream life.

About ME

Alina Shahnazari was born into an Armenian family in Iran and migrated to the United States after finishing her software engineering degree. She has worked as an engineer, software product manager and program manager at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Snapchat, and Motion Picture Association of America, among other well-known companies. She is an avid reader, a mother, and an enthusiast about personal development, healing and the power of the mind to create a better life and a better planet.

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